We are one of the leading stone repair and restoration businesses servicing the Melbourne area. At Shiny Stones Melbourne, we can take care of all your stone needs, from installation to polishing and grinding and everything in between. Our tried and tested techniques can help you create a more natural look to your stone, and reduce your maintenance needs in the future.

Stone is an investment, and one that we want to help you preserve. If you maintain your stone surfaces regularly, they can last years and we can provide advice and practical help to allow you to get the most out of your stone long into the future.

At Shiny Stones Melbourne, we use the latest techniques for cleaning, sealing and polishing and we specialise in removing stains, wear, scratches and etching from your stone surfaces and returning them to their original appearance.

We don’t use the vitrification method of cleaning as this can prevent the stone from breathing, and create further need for maintenance in the future. We prefer to use traditional stone restoration techniques, which increase the stone’s clarity and reflectivity without the use of chemicals. These techniques have been used in Europe for hundreds of years, and have been proven to create lasting results and lessen the need for ongoing repairs and maintenance.

We are fully insured and OH&S compliant. If you are looking for a highly customer-focused and experienced stone restorer who gets results, Shiny Stones Melbourne should be your first choice.